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KBL 6800 Alpha Pearl

PriceFrom C$72.00

Take your tan to the next level. The KBL 6800 Alpha Pearl is the most sophisticated tanning bed in the industry. This unique bed helps you to achieve the perfect tan specific for your skin type through it’s cutting edge IntelliSun technology and P2 pigment lamps. These amazing and unique features allow you to select specific UV settings based on your particular pigmentation level, preventing your skin from ever reaching a tanning plateau. The KBL 6800 not only offers amazing tanning power, it also provides relaxing amenities such as aqua misters, aromatherapy, voice prompts, multiple music options including smartphone connectivity, and built in air conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable during your session. The KBL 6800 contains a total of 54 lamps including 4 adjustable high pressure facial and 2 high pressure shoulder lamps.

    • IntelliSun technology allows you to alternate between three tan settings with unique UV ratios
    • AquaCool aqua misters
    • Aroma mist
    • Air-conditioned 
  • Maximum exposure time: 10 minutes

    Bulb wattage: 200W Body, 500W (high pressure) Facial, 250W Shoulder