New Book Builds a Case for Embracing UV Rays

For decades, we have tip-toed cautiously amongst the vibrant rays of the sun, being constantly warned of the dangers of sun exposure and UV rays. Well, times have changed and Marc B. Sorenson, Ed.D. and William B. Grant, PhD. have proposed a different point of view regarding your health and sun exposure.

Mr. Sorenson and Mr. Grant’s joint 62 years of studying and practicing health, nutrition and the science behind sunlight have brought them to the conclusion that not only is safe sun exposure good for your health, but that avoiding it is as hazardous as cigarette smoking.

As strange as this may sound, their new book, Embrace the Sun, builds a solid case for UV tanning as a means of promoting weight loss, reducing depression and decreasing your risk of developing most cancers, heart disease, and autism, diabetes, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis. Sorenson and Grant propose that proper sun exposure can even reduce the risk of infertility and preterm birth.

The book provides an intuitive guide for taking advantage of the many health benefits provided by UV tanning and sun exposure. Such activities have a history of being demonized by health foundations that typically go unquestioned and unchallenged because of their clout in the medical field. Without fail, Sorenson and Grant have shed new light on a typically dark point of debate.

Our intrepid authors state that since 1935, sun exposure has decreased by about 90% in the U.S. population. The truly shocking revelation about that statistic is that during this same period, melanoma incidence has increased by about 3,000%. This statement successfully breaks down the strongest case against sun exposure. In fact, the book states that 75% of all melanomas actually occur on the least sun-exposed areas of our bodies, which completely reverses traditional thought on the relation between skin cancer and UV tanning. Sun deprivation may actually be a leading cause of melanoma.

Sorenson and Grant manage to examine the notoriously controversial topic of UV tanning in a way that is, “written simply enough and in such a lighthearted vein that any intelligent fifth grader can and should read it.” – Cedric F. Garland, Dr. PhD. F.A.C.E., University of California at San Diego.

Could we have possibly been misguided for decades about the dangers of sun exposure? If you are looking for an accessible resource by which to inform yourself about the realistic health benefits of UV tanning, take a look at Embrace the Sun and feel free to visit us for a full rundown on smart tanning practices.

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