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Booking Policies

No Show Policy: Clients who do not show up for their scheduled appointment or fail to give a minimum of 1 hours notice for cancellations will be considered a No Show and will have either (a) the equivalent of one full tanning session deducted from their file, or (b) one day removed from their 30-day membership. 

Late Policy: Clients who arrive at their appointment more than 5 minutes after the scheduled start time will be considered a No Show and may be required to reschedule their appointment. 

24-Hour Policy: Arizona Tanning requires a minimum of 24 hours between UV Tanning sessions. Appointments booked less than 24 hours apart are subject to cancellation. 

Minimum Age: Arizona Tanning requires clients to be at least 18 years of age to use any of our UV tanning equipment. Clients may be asked to provide photo identification to verify their age. 

Last Call: The last call for walk-in tanning sessions is 15-minutes before the posted salon closing time. Clients who arrive later past this cutoff may be asked to reschedule for a later date.

Refund/Return Policies

Tanning Lotions and Retail Products: All retail purchases, including indoor tanning products, are final sale. 

Minute and Session Packages: All UV Tanning packages expire 2 years from the date of purchase unless otherwise specified. We do not allow sharing of packages. We do not offer refunds for services that are not used. Unused packages may be transferable at a manager's discretion. 

30-Day Packages: By purchasing a 30-day membership, you are paying for tanning through a specific expiration date. It is your responsibility to take advantage of the service you have paid for before it expires. Extensions will not be granted for unused portions of a 30-day membership. 30-day memberships must be activated within 30 days from the date of purchase and cannot be held for use at a later time.

Salon Conduct

Bullying and Harassment: Arizona Tanning reserves the right to  

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